FOCUS T25 – My Review & Results


In total I lost 12.7 pounds, 4.5 inches from my chest, 4.5 inches from my waist, 1.5 inches from my arms, and 2 inches from my thighs. All of this while celebrating Thanksgiving and my engagement, attending lots of social gatherings, and eating wings and/or pizza + drinking alcohol in moderation on most weekends. The biggest result was that I let go of my obsession with the scale & finally started paying more attention to the non-scale victories! My biggest ones were: losing 2 dress sizes, gaining arm muscle and upper body strength I never had, having clearer skin, progressing in the workouts each day, feeling more confident, actually enjoying exercise, finding balance in my workouts and eating habits, becoming comfortable working out with/in front of my fiancé, feeling more physically and mentally fit, taking control of my body back, learning I could be consistent, losing fear of judgment, and the list goes on… All of those things have been so much more valuable to me than the numbers!

Now onto my review…. Would I recommend it? What should you expect? Here we go!


ABOUT T25 – This is a well-rounded home workout program that combines both cardio and strength training with no equipment needed for Phase 1 & just dumbbells or a resistance band (included) for Phases 2 & 3. The workouts are 25 minutes a day for 5 days a week (Monday – Friday). Saturday is for taking measurements and Sunday is for stretching. Each day there’s a different focus (i.e. legs, arms, cardio, total body, abs), which are scheduled differently each week. The program comes with a calendar that tells you which workout to do each day & allows you to rate how you did on each one to track your progress. There are 3 phases, 1) Alpha– Foundation, 2) Beta- Core, 3) Gamma- Strength. Each phase includes a different set of workouts. The first 2 phases are 5 weeks long and the final phase is 4 weeks with the program being 14 weeks in total.


PROS – Honestly, almost everything! This is the FIRST time I was able to fully and consistently commit to an entire workout program & it makes sense why T25 was the one to stick. What made it so much easier to be consistent is that these workouts were TWENTY FIVE MINUTES. That was a huge PRO for me. It’s reallllly hard to make an excuse or miss a workout when they’re THAT short & even on my long 10-12 hour work days it was manageable to squeeze into my routine and never felt overwhelming. As short as 25 minutes might sound, the workouts also FELT quick. I never found myself feeling like a workout was too long or dragging and almost always felt like the time flew by. Another huge pro for me was WEEKENDS OFF! My weekends are usually full of social gatherings, traveling or errands, so not having to worry about workouts on top of that was nice. There were a few times that I missed a workout during the week and was glad to have the flexibility of making it up over the weekend, but in general, the schedule was the reason I never went a week without totally missing a workout. Additionally, there are modifications for every single exercise & a modifier to follow along with as much or as little as you need to. This was huge for me and I definitely took advantage of that! I used the modifier for the entire first week of every phase so I could adjust and ease into it as well as if I was just having an “off” day or not feeling my best. With some moves, I progressed as time went on and with others I consistently modified throughout the whole program. The awesome thing is that you still get an amazing workout regardless of your fitness level or modifications & despite the fact that the workouts are only 25 minutes. I sweat SO much during these short workouts – way more than I did during an hour at the gym – and my fiancé and I both felt like this program provided us a more well-rounded workout than our gym sessions did, so much so that we actually decided to cancel our gym memberships halfway through. I also loved the variety of the workouts, that the schedule was different each week and that the workouts changed each month. It kept it interesting and challenging. Shaun T is also hilarious and lighthearted and makes the workouts fun- it’s as though he could read my mind whenever I got tired or started to struggle and always provided some motivation or humor at the perfect times.

 CONS – Some of the moves were really hard for me to grasp. There are still some that I wasn’t able to perfect or even do the modifications for by the end of the program. This can be discouraging if you don’t learn to have some patience and forgiveness with yourself. I learned to be okay with taking breaks and modifying as much as I needed to & I learned to only compete with myself and do MY personal best. I was able to progress on many moves as a result, even if I couldn’t perfect them or do every rep without stopping. There’s also a lot of jumping in the beginning, which can be challenging to get used to. My calves/shins/feet ached for the first few weeks, but my leg muscles were the first to sprout, so it paid off, but definitely took some getting used to. One other mindset I needed to change was my obsession with the scale! During the final phase, I only lost 1.5 pounds over 4 weeks, which would’ve been a little discouraging for my old self. But the point of that phase is to help you gain strength & muscle which I 100% did. This program requires a shift in your mindset, so if your goals are PURELY weight loss vs. getting fit and strong and healthy, you may get discouraged at times.

 CONCLUSION – This is a great, well-rounded program regardless of your fitness level and as long as you show up for yourself, push play every day, and practice patience and consistency, you WILL lose weight and gain some serious strength and muscle! Let me know if you have any questions or are interested in giving this program a try.

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