Core De Force – My Review & Results


Core De Force is a MMA-inspired workout program that mixes cardio with strength training using Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muy Thai combinations. It requires no equipment. Workouts times vary, ranging from 27 – 47 minutes. Some days include an additional 5 or 16 minute core workout. Each workout is broken into 6, 9, or 12 three-minute rounds with a 30 second break in between each one. It is a 30-day program with Sundays reserved for “Active Recovery” – a workout that involves 10 minutes of MMA moves and 10 minutes of stretching.

Below is my personal experience with this program! Your results and experience may vary & I am not an expert, so please read with those things in mind. 🙂

-Weight: maintained

-Waist: lost 1 inch

-Chest: lost 1 inch
-Hips/Thigh/Arms: stayed the same
-Stronger core/starting to gain some ab definition
-Major improvement in upper body strength/ability to do unmodified push-ups
Contributing factors:

-I did not skip a single day of the 30-day program
-I sometimes made up the 5 or 16 minute bonus core workouts on a different day
-I had a few unhealthy foods throughout (In-N-Out, pizza, wine, bagels, and tiramisu), but otherwise stuck to a healthy, clean diet at least 80% of the time
-I did not follow the meal plan that comes with this program as strictly as I would’ve liked to though I did keep it in mind for guidance


-The workouts were fun, went quickly, and were effective
-Fast results; I saw some serious changes to my body in only 30 days & even within the first week
-I loved the moves & they made me feel fierce and strong!
-I appreciated the breaks in between rounds; it helped me to work harder knowing I’d get a 30-second rest
-There were modifications and progressions for all moves, so it was adjustable to any fitness level
-The moves and techniques were thoroughly explained & there were extra videos that allowed you to practice them before starting the workout
-The workouts were unique & versatile and allowed for some serious arm/ab muscle-building with no equipment or crunches needed
-There’s a cool down & warm up built into each workout and a day dedicated to stretching
-My biggest complaint was the length of the workouts– the longest days consisted of a 47-minute MMA workout + a 16 minute core workout, equaling 63 minutes; however if you remove the time for warm-ups, breaks, instruction, and cool-down these workouts are technically only 18-36 minutes, so it helped to remind myself of this on tougher days
-Sometimes the instructions were a little lengthier than they needed to be
-Knee pain! I’ve never had a problem with my knees- EVER- but my right knee started to feel a bit wonky during the 2nd week. It eventually went away for me, but I know of a few people who had to stop the program because of this. Worth consideration if you already have knee issues.
-There was a workout every single day; I usually prefer at least one or two rest days!
Overall, I loved this program & would definitely do it again (and probably will when prepping for bathing suit season!). I would recommend this program for anyone that is looking to tone up vs. lose weight and encourage those with knee issues to use caution & modifications for some of the moves that put pressure there. I also found the program to be helpful both mentally & emotionally, as many of the workouts require great focus and the kicks and punches often provided a release and were cathartic for me in their own way. I noticed a decrease in my anxiety levels this month and am confident that there was at least some correlation.
Have questions? Want to try this program out? Want to join me for my next round? Don’t hesitate to contact me & I’ll get you set up with everything you need for the best possible price!

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