The Perfect Proposal (and a little seaweed, ew!)


Before leaving for our cruise to the Caribbean, I was asked countless times: “Do you think you’ll get engaged?” –  my response was a bashful “Ohhh, I don’t know! We’ll see!”, but real talk: I had been thinking about the possibility of getting engaged at several points throughout the entire year prior to this trip. So of course it was on my mind and I was feeling hopeful, but I had no preconceived notions about when it would happen or how. I wanted to enjoy the trip & not put that pressure on it and that’s exactly what I did.

We enjoyed the heck out of our first 3 nights in Miama & at sea. I assumed at that point that if it was going to happen, it already would have. Regardless, I was just thrilled to be away from work and disconnected from the world and spending time with my love as we drifted off to a tropical paradise.


We got to Jamaica – a place where we anticipated having a fun, drunken day at the beach. I’ll tell ya what… walking around in extreme heat, getting hustled every 30 seconds, having people on the street reach into your cab & touch you, and being charged $5 for a single hair-tye can really be a buzzkill. Jamaica was beautiful & I absolutely love experiencing new cultures, but we felt more bothered than relaxed. It didn’t really set the tone for a fun, drunken day. However we still had some fun & got a little buzzed.


Next step: Grand Cayman. We were still determined to have that fun, drunken day. Day drunk on the beach is the best kind of drunk. And today we had an ALL-INCLUSIVE drink package, so what could get in the way of that?! We got dropped off at our private resort and I suggested heading to the bar for some drinks. “Let’s put our things down first”, he said. Okay. We went and put our things down, soooo DRINKS, right?! Let’s do this! “I’d like to walk down the beach first… before it gets too crowded”, he said. Cool, so like, drinks as we walk down the beach? Maybe? “We’ll get them when we get back”, he said. Now THIS DUDE was killing my buzz! Or so I thought…

As we are walking down the beach, he starts to set the tone by drawing our attention to the absolutely beautiful views and scenery (and that’s an understatement – it really was picture perfect). Then he pauses us to ground us – he asks us to be still and present and to really take in the moment and sit in it for a bit. I’m glad he did that because I can still take myself back to that exact moment – the smells, the sounds, the feelings. Then we start walking a little more, he starts to get a little nervous-sounding and rambly… and in my head I’m piecing together why he might be nervous & getting all romantic on me and then I start to get nervous, too! Am I about to get engaged right now?! He continues with his sweet ramblings and then I jump in with some horrific ones of my own. I start to blurt out all the gross things I see in the water – “OMG, do you see that seaweed?! So gross. Ew – is that a FISH? Ugh. I hate the ocean”. Now I was the buzzkill!

Eventually, he stops me, shaky hands and opens his camera case where he had been hiding the ring all week so it was always by his side and ready for the perfect moment (genius!) and gets down on one knee. He opens the box and I see the EXACT ring I envisioned myself wearing (but never told him or dropped hints about – ever). I don’t say yes. I can’t say anything other than “omg! ah! omg! ah! omg! ah!” for a few solid minutes (there is video footage of this & it’s super embarrassing). I think it’s understood that YES is my answer & then I eventually do find my words and say it. Both of us shaking, he gets the ring on my finger successfully without dropping it into the sand/ocean of which he was kneeling on. Risky move! But we did it…




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