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21 Day Fix Extreme: Review & Results

21 Day Fix Extreme is a fitness & nutrition program meant to get you results quickly. This is a more advanced version of the original ’21 Day Fix’ and is meant for more intermediate/advanced fitness levels. The workouts combine cardio with strength training for well-rounded results. They are 30 minutes each, with a different type of workout done on each day of the week for the entire 21 days.
Monday = Plyo, Tuesday = Arms, Wednesday = Pilates, Thursday = Legs, Friday = Cardio, Saturday = Total Body, and Sunday = Yoga.
*This review is for the fitness program only and is based solely on my personal experience. Your results and experience may vary & I am not an expert, so please read with those things in mind. 🙂


-Weight: lost 3.5 pounds

-Inches: lost 3

-More definition in arm/back muscles
-Loss of bloat
Contributing factors:
-I did not skip a single day of the 21-day program
-I used 4 pound & 8 pound weights
-I completed T25 & Core De Force (two other, intense workout programs) prior to this
-I found myself getting lazy at times/not pushing myself as hard as I could have during the workouts
-I drank a superfood-packed protein shake for breakfast each day
-I did not drink any alcohol

-I did not follow the meal plan that comes with this program as strictly as I would’ve liked to though I did keep it in mind for guidance

-30 minutes flew by!
-I became noticeably stronger and more toned, particularly in my arms/shoulders/back
-It’s a short program designed to get results quickly, so while the workouts were only 30 minutes over the course of 21 days, they were also effective
-Pilates & yoga were incorporated in between some of the more intense workouts, so it allowed a chance to rest and stretch my body
-There were 7 different workouts and each one is only done 3 times, which was nice for purposes of variety and not getting sick of any particular workout
-Each workout started with a motivational quote! I am all about those
-The workouts and even the modified moves are pretty intense and may be a challenge for someone just starting out and/or even for somebody at an intermediate fitness level (I know they were for me at times!)
-The amount of equipment needed — this program required 2 sets of dumbbells and resistance bands; I loved using the resistance bands, but I had to buy some beforehand
-I prefer to workout barefoot, but a couple of the workouts required sneakers because of the resistance bands, which were wrapped around the feet for certain moves
-No rest days

Overall, I think this is one of my favorite programs so far because of the quick results and I will definitely be re-visiting it in the future when I want to tone up fast! I would recommend this program to anyone that has been exercising consistently and wants a new challenge. It is best suited for intermediate/advanced fitness levels and even my fiance, who I would consider to be ‘advanced’ found this program challenging & effective and saw great results. I would encourage beginners and beginner-to-intermediate level exercisers to start out with the regular 21 Day Fix workouts before attempting these.
**YOU CAN CURRENTLY TRY THIS PROGRAM IN IT’S ENTIRETY FOR FREE – No strings attached! Contact me at to learn more!

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