10 At-Home Date Nights for $20 or less to Strengthen Your Connection With Your Partner or Yourself

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d share some inexpensive date night ideas you can experience right from the comfort of your own home that will specifically help to strengthen your relationships. And no, this post isn’t just for the couples out there – these activities can be equally fun & helpful for creating a stronger bond with yourself, too, which is just as if not more important. ALL of these activities are things you can enjoy whether you’re single OR coupled up (with specifications for each).

1) Cook Dinner Using a Meal Kit Service 

I’ve recently become a fan of meal kit delivery services that provide you with all the pre-portioned out ingredients & instructions you need to easily make a delicious meal! If you’re coupled up, this is a fun way to bond & create something new together. If you’re riding solo, this is an awesome way to challenge yourself, learn a new skill & treat yourself to something tasty.

I’ve tried a couple services & so far Hello Fresh has been my preferred choice due to their variety and minimal ingredients/prep time.

Cost: $19.93 when you use discount code ‘JESSSCOT32’ at checkout

2) Read the 5 Love Languages and/or Take the Quiz

There’s nothing more important to a sustainable relationship than understanding the ways in which both people most effectively receive love. When we learn our own love language in addition to our partner’s, we become better able to 1) ask for what we need and 2) communicate our love in a way that resonates with the other person. Read more on this in my previous blog post! Whether you’re single or coupled up, The 5 Love Languages book & quiz are an incredible way to better understand yourself and learn about what you need most in your relationships.

You can order the book here. There’s also a new one that was recently released specifically for men. If you prefer to just read a bit about it and take the quiz first, you can do so via this website, though the books are the best way to gain a thorough understanding of these languages and how to effectively practice them.

Cost: Quiz = Free; Book = $9.39 

3) Go Craft Beer or Wine Tasting from the Couch 

This one is a blast for the beer/wine lovers out there (like me!). If you prefer beer, visit a spot that lets you buy single bottles/cans of craft beers and stock up on a bunch you’ve never had before (# depending on how many you’d like to taste). If you prefer wine, The Tasting Room will send you a kit of wine to taste for FREE based on your preferences. This is a great way to learn more about what you like/don’t like, to find a new drink of choice and/or to compare notes with your partner. Don’t forget to pair with pretzels and/or cheese + chocolate! And for an added element of fun, use this beer tasting score sheet or wine_scoring_sheet so you can determine a winner.

Cost: Varies, but free when you use The Tasting Room 

4) Start a Journal 

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, journaling is always an effective way to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of your thoughts, feelings, desires and needs. I love this one for couples and this one for singles because they both provide prompts that give you a place to get started via a question or discussion topic. You can also just use a blank notebook if you prefer a more free-form approach!

Cost: $16.49 and below 

5) Paint & Sip 

Expressing our creativity can be incredibly therapeutic by helping us to try out new ideas, problem solve, and acknowledge/celebrate our uniqueness. Rather than splurging on one of those instructional Paint & Sip nights, why not put together your own version of it at home? Grab a couple canvases, some acrylic paint & a brush set and either follow along with a YouTube tutorial or just do your own thing, painting whatever you feel compelled to. Don’t forget the vino for extra inspiration!

Cost: Varies (supplies can be found at dollar store, Michael’s, Amazon or art/craft store) 

6) Watch Bandersnatch 

If you haven’t watched Black Mirror’s ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ movie Bandersnatch yet, you should definitely check it out. It’s a great way to flex your decision-making muscle and/or practice a little teamwork with your other half. Every 2 minutes or so, the movie prompts you to make a decision that will impact the trajectory of the story line. There are several different endings to the movie based on what you decide! It’s on Netflix, but just make sure your device supports the movie before you get all cozy and hunker down to watch it.

Cost: Free with a Netflix subscription 

7) Do a DIY Project

Another way to express your creativity while also adding something new/lively to your space is by getting crafty and doing some sort of DIY project! Of course you’ll find an endless amount of ideas via Pintrest, but here are some home-decor-related DIY projects you can do for under $20. Choose something that seems both manageable and fun to keep from becoming frustrated/discouraged (though working through those emotions can be helpful, too!).

Cost: Varies 

8) Create a Date Night Jar

Are you and/or your partner super indecisive? Do you have trouble deciding where to go for dinner or what to do during your date nights? Grab a mason jar & fill it with a ton of different date ideas that you can color code according to cost (free, low-cost, splurge) using different color post-it notes or popsicle sticks. If you’re single, you can also make one for yourself by including a bunch of things you’ve been wanting to do/try and choosing one per week to continuously challenge yourself and experience new things.

Cost: Varies (supplies can be found at dollar store or arts/crafts store) 

9) Take the Enneagram Test 

The Enneagram Test is a personality test that is useful for understanding the inner workings and motivations behind human behavior. It categorizes our personalities into 9 main types and learning about ours can help us better understand our strengths/weaknesses and what things are most important to our personality type’s growth. Learning about our own enneagram type (as well as our partner’s) can help us understand what we’re motivated by, which can help us approach our careers and relationships in an entirely new way! Take the quiz here — and then once you’ve learned about your type check out Enneagram & Coffee on Instagram to laugh your ass off over how accurate her posts about your type are. You can also learn about how different types interact with one another & explore the challenges that different type-dynamics face in their relationships with one another. I promise it’s really fun, interesting stuff!

Cost: Free 

10) Unpack a Subscription Box 

I love me a good subscription box, which are packages that you get sent monthly or quarterly that are full of themed goodies! It’s a great way to learn about new products, treat yourself to something new and/or share something unique with your partner. There are subscription boxes for beauty products, clothes, pets, etc. – you name it, there’s probably a subscription box for it! Here’s a list of the supposed 32 best. But for this post, I’m going to recommend this Date Night in a Box for the couples out there, which includes a planned date night & everything you need for it, and the Single Swag box for those riding solo, which emphasizes self-care and self-love.

That’s a wrap! Regardless of what you decide to do, remember that connection is the most important thing – so make sure you’re being present, intentional and connected to yourself or your date while engaging in any of the above activities. Have a blast & let me know if you decide to try any of these ideas/how they go! XO

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