Hi everyone! My name is Jess.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a private therapy practice and a passion for helping others feel happier & healthier and live life more authentically. I have always been an advocate for self-care and self-love, though I haven’t always implemented the strategies I taught my clients in my own life. Yes, I used to be a walking, breathing HYPOCRITE.Overcoming my own mental and emotional blocks was KEY to loving and caring for myself more often and more effectively. It was also key to learning how to be a better mentor, leader, and therapist to others. Now, I am able to combine my love for helping others with helping and caring for MYSELF.

How did I get there? I found an online community that provided me support & accountability, I re-discovered my love for personal development, and I found healthy ways to take care of myself that I also loved & enjoyed. As part of my journey, I decided to become an online health & wellness coach so I could further support people who, similar to me, needed some additional motivation and encouragement. I would love to accompany you on your own journey, help you identify and overcome your own mental & emotional blocks, and lead you toward a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Although I have a master’s degree in Mental Health & Wellness Counseling and am a licensed therapist, I am not an expert in fitness or nutrition nor will I claim to be. However, I have come across some wonderful resources, tools, and programs that WERE developed by nutritionists & fitness experts and that have helped me lose 30 pounds and get into the best shape of my life; I would be happy to connect you with them if interested. Additionally, helping you to reverse your negative thinking patterns, manage stress & anxiety, and take better mental & emotional care of yourself are things I am fully equipped to help you with!

Please feel free to “Contact Me” and let’s start talking about how I can best help & support you along your own, never-ending journey!