Through my journey, I determined that home workout programs just WORK for me. They just do. I’ve always been terrible at getting myself to the gym, especially in the winter, and love the concept of being able to push play in my living room while barefoot, wearing whatever I want, at any time I want, and with nobody watching me.

As I try out different fitness routines, I’d like to share my honest feedback & review of them with you to help you make an informed decision about which ones to try. I realize home workouts aren’t for everyone, but hope that if they ARE for you, you’ll find these reviews helpful.

Keep in mind that my experience may not be your experience (and vice versa) and it’s only possible for me to share what’s been honest & true for me! That being said, please always feel free to reach out with any additional questions about the programs & I’d be more than happy to provide you with more info or direct you to a place to get it.

21 Day Fix Extreme


Core De Force