Wellness Coaching


Individual Wellness Coaching: A hands-on, person-centered approach to help you establish & achieve your physical, mental, and emotional goals. Through 1-hour weekly or bi-weekly sessions and daily check-ins, I will provide you with the resources, insight, support, and encouragement to help you:

  • establish healthy and productive habits
  • implement an effective self-care routine
  • better manage your time and stress levels
  • improve your confidence and sense of self
  • gain clarity and effectively set realistic goals
  • overcome your mental/emotional blocks & self-sabotaging behaviors

Consultation (30 minutes): Free

Coaching Session (1 hour): $100

1-month Coaching Package (4 sessions): $375

3-month Coaching Package (12 sessions): $1,100

6-month Coaching Package (24 sessions): $2,000

All packages include worksheets, daily activities, and resource/reading recommendations tailored to your goals. Sessions will be done via telephone, video call or in person depending on your need and preference.